Case Studies

At Sukruthi, we take pride in how we have delivered consistent efficiency and strived hard to maintain our performance orientation through multiple channels. We have always believed in maintaining long term rapport and providing consistent support to our clients while helping them derive maximum and positive ROI.  Some case studies of how we have made a significant difference are given below:

Startup to Million Value

Professionals from a top IT Company approached us with the intent to setup an organization,and an advisory team at Sukruthi Financial Services handheld them in this effort through a bunch of integrated services by preparing organizational structures and financial modeling suitable to them. Further Sukruthi Financial Services prepared a thorough plan for their entire setup process and duly executed it with care. We extended our services and guided them in Multi Country registrations as well. Today Sukruthi Financial services has been consistently taking care of end to end finance and tax consultation services for this company and been a partner in growth to them from 2 employee startup to a 500 employee company with business worth of $25 million.

Employee Benefit Management

One of the biggest Aeronautical tech development Company was struggling to setup a process for employee benefit management. The company has around 15000+ employee in India and setting up of the process was a challenge. The Process implementation team of Sukruthi has been successful in preparation, implementation and monitoring of the process since 5 years consistently.


Concept to Execution

Young professionals from a high end analytics Startup Company approached Sukruthi Financial Services for advisory. Our experts guided and handheld them through a range of support services to them in matters regarding Setup, Structuring, Financial Modeling, Process designing, Implementation, APC – Accounting, Payroll and compliance as well as further into complete Multi country registration procedures with end to end support in all aspects. Today Sukruthi finds pride in and continues to support the company which has significantly grown from a 5 employee startup to 200 Crore value business.

Business Process Re-engineering

An Education based company which dealt in Academic and Non Academic training centers approached Sukruthi Financial Services for Setting up a process for their business. With Sukruthi’s Process team, a full-fledged Business Re-engineering process was initiated and implemented which provided them with a simple and smooth process for APC – Accounting, Payroll and Compliance. Sukruthi also helped in implementation and maintenance of the process.  as well as implemented cloud accounting methods for APC which aided in the growth of the company significantly.


A leading Beverages manufacturing, trading and distribution company with 20+ Holding and subsidiary entities had difficulty in mapping and presenting XBRL Taxonomy. Sukruthi’s expert XBRL team took the assignment and has been successful in providing complete support in XBRL taxonomy mapping and presentation to them from past few years and find pride as a consistent solutions partner.


A multi chain retail store found gaps in its control & monitoring with regard to its finance, Inventory and process maintenance. The company found large gaps and performance indicators on its financial status and performance. Sukruthi Financial Services in its capacity initiated  a process re-engineering approach and implemented a new process which was capable of handling multi department issues. The process implementation team drafted a process that was implemented, tested and evaluated in all aspects. We together with our partner take pride in the fact that the present process has enabled control over all the activities being deployed under them.


A Leading Pharmaceutical company had a multi-state indirect tax issue which was creating hindrance in normal carrying of business.  Sukruthi’s Indirect tax team took up the issue and resolved the case completely and prepared a business plan for multi-state business transactions. The business plan is full proof with all the legal compliance with Indirect tax laws and we take utmost pride in providing a competent solution to our partner.


A Japanese automobile company had company law governance issue for its Indian branch. Sukruthi’s Corporate Affairs team sorted out the issue and made it a seamless process of carrying on its domestic operations in India. The complete corporate affairs  compliance is being taken care by Sukruthi as a consistent solutions partner.


A Builders and Developers Company had direct tax issues in plots being sold by them. Sukruthi’s Direct Tax advisory team analyzed the position of the company in detail and in line prepared a detailed tax structuring solution. It found fruit in its effort that the tax structuring helped them in increasing their turnover of the company & extend growth of the company.


A startup cab service provider approached Sukruthi for end to end support service. Sukruthi with its Setup Process team, Advisory team, APC team prepared a detailed documentation procedure for its processes. Sukruthi helped in setting up of the company by covering all the legal compliances for them, prepared processes for work flow and implemented the same. Also it helped in setting up process for APC – Accounting, payroll and compliance. Today end to end advisory and consultancy is being carried out by Sukruthi Services as a consistent process and growth partner.

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