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At Sukruthi, we strive to assist you in leveraging the potential in your business while helping you derive maximum ROI. Our experts use best industry practices and in-depth analysis to aid you in making smarter decisions in turn bringing measurable results.

Our approach consists of identifying gaps in your core activities and then provide an integrated set of strategies & services that address your needs. Our experts have vast industry experience across multiple sectors and this helps us bring a whole new perspective to the table.

Legal Drafting

We provide effective and  Legal Drafting Services across a broad spectrum of business needs. A dedicated team ensure that we use best practices to assist you in legal representation and legal necessities.Services in this vertical include:-

  • Analyzing the financial statements
  • Evaluation of future projections
  • All types of deeds or agreements
  • Taking regulatory permissions
  • Power of Attorney
  • Contracts
  • Affidavits

FEMA & RBI Matters

A dedicated team at Sukruthi provides the following services in this vertical

  • Compliance of the procedure including chartered Accountants Certification for repatriation of income/assets from India
  • Making applications to Reserve Bank of India for purchase/sale of shares, debentures & securities and directly to and from Residents in India and outside India.
  • Allotment of Shares to non residents
  • Transfer of shares from Indian resident to non-residents.
  • Setting up Joint Venture (JV)
  • Setting up Partnership / Partnership by NRI’S or persons of Indian origin.
  • Other Advisory Services on FEMA / RBI etc.
  • Issue of Statutory Certificates under FEMA & RBI regulation.

Other Services that we offer as well are:- 

  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  • Permissions for Opening Branch Offices in India.
  • Permissions for Opening Liasioning Offices.
  • Setting up of Project Offices



Our experts believe and understand that businesses today require understanding and analysis of a variety of complex factors including in-depth insights into value drivers. Services in this domain include:-

  • Business or equity valuation, swap ratios, fixed asset valuations.
  • Portfolio valuation for private equity funds.
  • Purchase price allocations for the fair value of assets.
  • Valuations of intangible assets (brands, technology, contracts,  human resources, etc.) to guide intelligent decisions in fund-raising, financial reporting purposes , strategic decision making and other crucial decisions.
  • Valuations relating to specific products.
  • Valuation for regulatory purposes such as RBI/Taxation
  • Audits
  • Valuations for dispute resolution.
  • Company Strategy related decisions, such as development/review of business plans, entry/exist strategies, and a lot more.


Corporate Restructuring

Our experts help companies and investors enhance their performance and expected return in times of uncertainty and decreasing performance and growth. Our holistic approach supports you in managing turn-around processes and in allocating capital and investment wisely as well as evaluating your business plans with an objective method.Our strategies also help address potential breaches, negotiations with stakeholders and complying with insolvency and other such requirements.

Business Reengineering

At its core, business reengineering helps organizations primarily rethink and extensively redesign their existing business processes to improve both efficiency and flexibility. Our experts use an innovative methodology to facilitate the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve significant improvements in essential measures of performance, such as cost, quality, service, and speed.optimal benefits realization.

Financial Analytics

In today’s highly competitive business environment, companies need more from Finance than just precise financial statements and reports. They as well need foresight, predictive insights that can help shape tomorrow’s business strategy and improve day-to-day decision-making in real time. We firmly believe that innovation is the heart of the analytics to create competitive advantage for our clients and by combining internal financial information and operational data with external information such as social media, demographics and big data and other such factors,  our services address critical business questions with unprecedented ease, speed, and accuracy.

ESOP & Other Employee Schemes

We always strive to help business owners attain financial freedom with the option to retain control of their company for a set period of time. Services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Goal Identification – Financial Independence
  • Independent Valuation
  • Plan and Transition Design
  • Owner (including shareholder) benefits
  • Repurchase Liability Consulting
  • Annual consulting
  • Employee Education and Communication
  • Tax Incentives
  • Plan Execution
  • Post ESOP Transactional Services
  • Other succession Strategies

Cost Analytics

Our experts understand and believe that in today’s economy, identifying opportunities for growth and savings while remaining flexible and efficient remains a key challenge for businesses. Some of the challenges put forward are usually:

  • Revenue growth
  • Margin improvement
  • Enhancement of controls
  • Better cash flow and so on.

Our Cost analytics services help in :-

  • Cost reduction opportunities.
  • Enhance the control environment.
  • Reduce working capital.
  • Minimize pricing errors.
  • Customer Disputes due to Cost.
  • Driving Strategic Initiatives.

We have worked with organizations at various stages and take pride in how we have brought insightful solutions to drive growth.

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Our expertise finds its strength in our integrated approach and versatile team that brings in depth consulting to you.

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