Sukruthi delivers value to your business by “leveraging your enterprise.” Our outsourcing services combine deep industry insights, operational expertise, a partnering approach and comprehensive services.

We have over years of research have realized that all business processes are interconnected and the value of is realized by linking different processes seamlessly. Our spectrum of services leverage this to improve your business performance and in turn sustain a consistent growth.

Finance & Accounting

At Sukruthi, we believe that Finance & Accounts is an important support function for any organization. An effective F&A function ensures:

  • Cost optimization through spend analysis
  • Least involvement of management’s time
  • Timely and correct recording of all revenue and expenses
  • Timely processing of employee’s salary in a tax-friendly manner
  • Compliance of all the applicable statutory laws
  • Availment of all the available tax benefits
  • No adverse remarks from auditors about the Financial Statements
  • Proactive support during the scaling up phase of the organization.

Our experts have a holistic approach and extensive industry experience years behind them coupled with an innovative method that ensures positive performance for you. Our services include:-

Cloud Accounting 

Cloud Accounting is an extension of cloud computing technology, which enables businesses to move the accounting information systems from “on premises” to “cloud” (securely). Usage of the cloud infrastructure to perform the accounting functions viz., expense tracking, storage of bank statement etc is the primary model of cloud accounting, wherein the users are required to perform these functions by themselves, commonly known as ‘self-service’. These are SAAS based platforms and are relatively used by individuals and small businesses.

 On-Site Accounting

We understand that growing businesses often reach a point where they need more professional financial advice, but can’t afford a full-time accountant, controller or CFO.  That is where we as bridge the gap with the services of a reliable, part-time accountant who would work with you a regular basis.We provide a professional financial manager who works with you to help guide your business to success in a cost-effective manner.

An Overview

  • An accountant comes to your office on a regularly scheduled basis and do those accounting tasks beyond the experience of your bookkeeper or accounting staff.
  • Training by the accountant to increase the working knowledge of your internal staff
  • Advice about your company’s financial status on a regular basis
  • Assistance with improving cash flow management and receivables management
  • Assistance with setting up proper record keeping systems and better reporting methods
  • Advice in procedural matters to better manage the finances of your company

Co-ordinated Accounting 

Our co-ordinated accounting services by our experts integrated all your accounting requirements and best practices on a common platform. A dedicated team ensures that all your accounting practices are seamless and efficient helping you derive a positive ROI.

Complete Compliance Management

Our Complete compliance Management services ensure timely preparation and submission of various statutory returns. Also ensures that businesses pay the right taxes with proper tax planning advisory. With all its expertise Sukruthi provides an effective consultation in the areas of Direct Taxes (Domestic & International), Indirect Taxes (Goods & Services), Corporate Law, FEMA regulations and Labour Laws.


Payroll Management


Sukruthi Infographic

At Sukruthi, we understand the importance your organization attaches to resource and time allocation to critical HR functions such as Payroll Management activities. With our expertise in Payroll Management, your organization can gain significantly and improve on the management perspective with timely error free outputs.

We cater to all industries spread across all sizes – small, medium and large.

HR Management

Sukruthi Infographic 2Our Experts understand that small, medium and growing businesses have the critical need to succeed through the effective selection, management, engagement and measurement of employees.We also realize that to gather the success of your business, the best place to begin is through the contribution made by your employees. Our Services help you in this direction with custom strategies, auditing, monitoring and the right measurements for effective employee performance along with other requirements.

XBRL Conversions

XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) Conversion process involves tagging of financial data to the elements of taxonomy specified by MCA, followed by creation of instance documents, finally validating these instance documents with the validator released by MCA. Upon successful validation of the instance documents, FORM 23AC-XBRL & FORM 23ACA-XBRL is prepared and the validated instance docs are attached and submitted to the ROC, thereby completing the XBRL filing process.

Why should you outsource XBRL Process to Sukruthi ?

  • Expert team of CAs and Technocrats.
  • Track Record of XBRL Filing of many listed companies.
  • High Quality Standards.
  • No need to buy any software.
  • Cuts your XBRL Training Costs.
  • Avoids erroneous filing.
  • File before deadlines and avoid additional fees.

Fixed Asset Management

At Sukruthi, we believe tracking assets is an important concern of every company, regardless of size. Most companies face a significant challenge in tracking the location, quantity, condition, maintenance and depreciation status of their fixed assets. Our comprehensive fixed asset management services will assist you in meeting external audit and regulatory standards, and also be extremely beneficial in meeting your firm’s capital budgeting, financial and risk management reporting requirements.Our services include:

  • Assessment of FAR (Fixed Assets Register) & Accounting Records
  • Project Planning & Effort Estimation
  • Physical Verification & Tagging of Assets
  • Reconciliation of Physical Verification Report with FAR
  • Discussion of Discrepancies & Sign-off
  • Updation of FAR

At Sukruthi, we also help you in setting up your business operations and gain momentum while you just focus on your core activities.

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